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More RARE and semi-rare shots of the Fab Four!

Next pages of shots are from an incredible fan photo site:

Check her out, this is an amazing site FULL of great pictures, humor and captions from Australia's finest... 

Life cover with markings blacked out

Oh naughty Paulie

Recent (2010) picture of Paul...STILL looks good, damn him.

Paul in ACTION

That's SIR Paulie to you!

Well known image but in such detail...look at that face!

Harry Nillsson, Paul McC and John lennon 1974 reunion

Oh, Simpsons, what CAN'T you parody??

John makes cat's arse mouth.

Paul and Mick Jagger in studio chat

Pepper Paulie

Our psychedelic boys :)

Johnny Dylan-Hat

Paul and his baby brother George

On the road 1966

Hari Georgeson

John signs autographs

Pensive Rings

Pre-success Beatles HAMming it up in HAMburg. heh

The boys, relaxing

George as a French cop ready to pop Paulie

Great color shot of John at a time we are more used to seeing him in B&W

Were they stoned? They TOTALLY missed the couch!

3 Wilbury's: Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and George Harrison

John hugs his camera.

John was NOT a good driver!

French Cop George salutes Napoleon Lennon.

John Upskirt

George shows Paul how to do the "Grizzly Bear" dance

John Hit Factory jamming 1980